5 Steps : How to Create Email Marketing That Drive Sales

Are you the one who still think that email is such an important tool for marketers? Let’s find out. Some people have argued the death of email marketing. Email is nowhere close to being dead, of course and in fact when there is so much technology at our fingertips now. But did you know email marketing is still  one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage or maintain customers and prospects. So what’s the problem?


Mainly because of the practice of sending out mass emails with little or no thought about tailoring content. It just requires a certain amount of work to make your emails connect with your target audiences. Especially if you’re targeting the twenty and thirty somethings who make up the core of the millennial demographic, What you should do? Follow this steps

Objective : Relationship Building Not Spamshutterstock_270988835 [Converted]

Don’t be a spammer. You can segment your customers into lists. This allows you to tailor the content of your email to certain customers, rather than sending all of your customers every single thing you want to say or item you want to promote.

The objective is to build a relationship with your customer and you won’t get this if your language is all about sales promotions and how great your company is. Focus instead on how your customer can benefit from buying from you.

Determine Your Audience and Build Your Email List

You have at least one audience. It’s your clients, the people you provide products and/or services. It’s also possible to have many audiences. Take a few moments to write down your potential audiences and the kind of information they are interested in.

Next, you can set up a database with the email addresses of all your existing and potential customers. With all Email Service Provider (ESPs), you should be able to add an “email sign up” form to your website that will automatically link to your email database.

Creating The Design And Message: It’s More Than Just A Pretty Template

Once you plan out your campaign objectives and build your email list, the next step is to create the actual message that needs to be sent out. There are some points to be remembered while creating your email marketing message:

  • Have a compelling subject line– The subject line is the most essential element of email message content. The subject line should always make sense and should standout. It was the 75% discount that really got me to click on the email.
  • Consistent branded look and feel– Across multi-channels, the campaign should look and feel that consistent with the brand, which reinforced the perception of the brand in clients mind.
  • Add to Safe List option– Give customers a chance to tell you that they want to receive promotional emails from you, by giving them the option to add you to their safe list.
  • Clear call to action– Whether it was Download Now or Buy Now, call-to-action emails worked by channeling the customer to the intended destination without other distractions.
  • Create an incentive for customer engagement– No matter how beautifully worded or designed an email is, customers will not engage if there is no incentive.
  • Refer a friend – Provide customers with an option to share news about your brand with friends. Customer referrals are a powerful testimony to leverage on.
  • Campaign deadlines – Ensure that customer has a sufficient length of time to take action on the promo offered in the campaign, but a short enough deadline that they have to take action quickly. Example campaign’s case, it was 10 days – 1 day for each trivia question. As I only found out about the quiz at the tail end of the campaign, I had to act within a very short amount of time to redeem my discount coupons.
  • Put unsubscribe link – A quick, easy and reliable unsubscribe process is an essential element of your email marketing campaign. However, not everyone who clicks the unsubscribe link actually wants to end the relationship with your company. But, if you don’t give them options, or if you make the ones you have hard to find, you will certainly lose them.To help you come up with some ideas, we’ve give you high-impact e-commerce email examples, that you can take inspiration from and put to use in your business today.

Everybody wants to feel special and everybody loves a good deal. Banana Republic clearly gets this as demonstrated by the email beside. In addition to offering an exclusive deal, they also pack on the value by offering free shipping and free returns.


Scarcity is one of the most powerful psychological sales triggers marketers can use to get people to take action. Humans are just hardwired to have a fear of missing out. The lesson here is that making your subscribers feel special by offering them “subscriber only” deals can help you not only build customer loyalty, but also make sales.


You Shouldn’t Miss Mobile Optimization

In 2013 mobile beat out desktop for the majority of emails opens. Despite this, many email marketers have not optimized their emails for mobile.

Well, according to hubspot they got a number of stats that inbound marketers simply can’t ignore. For instance:

mobileoptimisechartTesting the Message

Before sending out the actual campaign in execution, it is better to test its different aspects with trial and error method. Try out different fonts for both content and links, re-positioning images such as logos and buttons and experiment with different emailing patterns (including the greeting and sign off).

Send three different patterns of your email, compare their click-thru stats and see which one works best. This way you will be sending the right mix of content and images that will attract more visitors, and ultimately more sales.

Analyze Results and Improve

After you send your first e-blast, you’ll likely breathe a big sigh of relief because you’ve finally done it! Although you’re done with most of the work, you’re not quite finished. A few days after the email goes out, you’ll either receive reporting via email from your email marketing service provider or you’ll need to login to your email marketing platform to review.

Look for how your open-rate and click-through rate compares to industry standards. It’s also important to determine who clicked on certain links, so you can follow-up accordingly and plan strategically for your next e-blast. It’s similar to regrouping after a sports game, regardless of win or loss. It’s important to determine which actions you want to repeat next time, and which you plan to change for the future.

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Email marketing is a fully grown and well-used tactic for business promotion via emails. It is cost-effective, easily executed and gives a good impact to your campaigns. Email marketing does not replace your other marketing activities but compliments them extremely well. A well run and good email marketing campaign can grow your customer pool and add to customer’s loyalty. Although email marketing comes with lower risks and higher profitability, however, this can only be achieved through proper planning and execution tuning into higher success rates for your business.

How Returns Can Bring Profit For Your E-Commerce Site



Returns policy is could be a core component behind many successful e-Commerce site. Returns procedures strongly influence the purchase decision, especially when a customer is not yet 100% ready to buy.

But through plenty of e-Commerce businesses and strategies vary across industries, there’s one thing they can agree : “returns suck”. It can feel like the death of a sale, and complicated to process.

Any buyers know that an easy returns experience can leads to future orders. As we gather e-commerce data from practicalecommerce[dot]com, there are more than 60% of online shoppers that make at least one return or exchange per year, 95% will make another purchase if the return experience was positive.


So even if you hate it, it could be the catalyst for future sales and repeat customers. Keep that in mind. Creating an easy step for return process will improve sales in the long run. Follows our four tips for offering a better exchange or return experience for online shoppers

  • Simple Guidelines and Free Returns Delivery

At the first time visitor visit your e-Commerce store, it should immediately aware of the returns policy. The goal is to eliminate any confusion on how to return a product, so customers seeking answers can quickly find them. Offering hassle-free returns and covering the return costs bring a positive customers experience.

  • Include Your Return Label in The Delivery Packaging.

Shoppers don’t want to wait for return labels. So rather than expect your customer to print out the return label from your website or (worse) just go deal with the whole thing themselves at the delivery company, you can send them the return label right in the bag or box. Simple but BIG.

Here’s the example return label from zalora.co.id

IMG-20160520-WA0000 (1)
  • Give customers more time for returns.

Allowing extra day might seem like let people make more returns. That’s make e-Commerce players worried, but what we get from case studies, when 3rd Power Outlet, an Atlanta-based urban clothing and accessories retailer, the founder lengthened the return policy from 14 to 90 days. But surprisingly, he found that the number of returns decreased slightly, while the number of purchases went up.

“I think it has a psychological effect,” he says. “The longer I give them to return an item, the fewer returns I get.”

“Extending the return period makes customers feel more comfortable and trust.”

  • Accept multichannel returns. 

This option only apply when you have offline store and if you have it, you should certainly accept returns of your products there. This is smart for a two reasons:

  • For customers who hate to boxing again and have to send back from the delivery company this should makes life a lot easier.
  • If customers return to the store, they can easily check out other items to take home instead, which is a win win solution for everyone.

Get more customers with the services we provide


Returns could be scary for you but not for the customers. You should try to consider this option on your e-commerce site and you will thank’s us for letting you give this option. Throw a comment below.

Officially partner for Bose Indonesia


We’re thrilled to have become an official e-Commerce partner for home audio systems and speakers company, well known as BOSE. Over the coming months, our talented team will be working closely with BOSE (Indonesia) teams to deliver the new e-Commerce site. We can’t wait to share the results with you in the near future. ‘Till next time!

7 things Why Shoppers Leave Your E-Commerce Site [INFOGRAPHIC]

Head7 Things Why Shoppers Leave Your E-Commerce WebsiteCheck out this infographic to find out about 7 things why shoppers leave your e-Commerce site and we hope after you read this, your site can improve and make a profit!

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7 Things Why Shoppers Leave Your E-Commerce Website


Grand Launching Sphero Indonesia!


Jakarta, 4 Mei 2016 – As a leader of global robot revolution, Sphero has done the agreement with Halo Robotics for distributed all Sphero products and system to Indonesia through Metro Department store.

Sphero develops a smart robot which you can control, play and program through smartphone. High popularity bring Sphero to launch the new product called “Connected Play”. The newest Sphero products, BB-8™ app-enabled Droid™ created with the new innovation technology same as the other products made; new cool robot toy which can roll, jump and you can easliy control with application from smartphone and through voice command, even the ability is increasing with the software update continously.

“This is the right moment for Sphero, we are so happy that we can start this long term relationship with Indonesia market,” said Aurelien Joly, Director Sphero of Asia-Pasific. “Indonesia is well known for having high enthusiastic with the new technology, and as for the biggest economic Country in South East Asia, Indonesia have a big opportunity for our brand in the future.”

As a partner of Halo Robotics, we feel happy and fully support for the relation that has been built, of course we will give the best e-Commerce solution for Halo Robotics. And as the colaboration, we hope that Halo Robotics and Sphero to keep bring other newest tech toy to Indonesia. We wish you all the success today and always! For further info you can check www.halo-robotics.com.


Jakarta, 4 Mei 2016 – Pemimpin dunia dibidang robotika, Sphero telah menandatangani kerjasama dengan Halo Robotics untuk mendistribusikan seluruh lini produk dan sistem permainan robotika milik mereka di Indonesia melalui pusat pembelanjaan Metro.

Sphero adalah pengembang robot pintar yang dapat dikendalikan, dimainkan, serta di program lewat aplikasi smartphone. Tingginya popularitas yang telah dicapai, Sphero menghadirkan kategori produk baru, yaitu “Connected Play“. Produk Sphero terbaru, BB-8™ app-enabled Droid™ di ciptakan dengan inovasi teknologi yang sama dengan berbagai lini produk Sphero lainnya; mainan robot keren yang bisa menggelinding dan melompat, dengan kendali dari aplikasi smartphone dan lewat perintah suara, bahkan kemampuannya meningkat dengan adanya update software secara berkala.

Ini adalah waktu yang bagus bagi Sphero, kami sangat senang dapat merayakan dimulainya hubungan jangka panjang kami dengan Indonesia,” ucap Aurelien Joly, Direktur Sphero Asia-Pasifik. “Indonesia dikenal di seluruh dunia memilik iantusiasme yang besar terhadap teknologi baru, dan sebagai Negara dengan perekonomian terbesar di Asia Tenggara, Indonesia menunjukkan kesempatan yang sangat besar di masa depan bagi perkembangan brand kami.”

8Commerce sebagai partner dari Halo Robotics juga turut senang dan tentunya memberi dukungan penuh atas hubungan kerjasama yang dijalin, tentunya dengan menyediakan solusi e-Commerce terbaik untuk Halo Robotics. Kami-pun juga berharap Sphero dan Halo Robotics untuk terus berinovasi dan membawa produk andalan lainnya yang tentunya menggunakan teknologi terdepan. We wish you all the success today and always! Silahkan kunjungi website www.halo-robotics.com untuk mengetahui produk lainnya.


President Republic of Indonesia, Mr Joko Widodo Visiting our Booth!

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8Commerce Booth Attended by Hundreds of Visitors at IESE 2016

President Republic of Indonesia, Mr Jokowi also visiting!

At the end of April, 27 – 29 April 2016, A first e-Commerce event in Indonesia, Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo (IESE) held at Indonesia Convention Center, BSD and We are joined this event with hundreds of other participants. In 3 days, hundreds of visitors visit 8Commerce booth including The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Joko Widodo, such an honoured for us. Mr President accompanied by his 3 Ministers, IDEA Chairman and The Governor of Banten. Mr Joko Widodo is so excited about 8Commerce business and contribution for the future of Indonesia e-Commerce.

With clean and sleek design booth, We offer a free coffee to attract more visitors for visiting and make a good deal for their e-Commerce solution. See you on the next event guys!

IESE 2016, Booth 8Commerce Dikunjungi Ratusan Pengunjung

Presiden Jokowi Ikut Berkunjung

Akhir April yang lalu, 27 – 29 April 2016, ada parhelatan besar e-Commerce pertama se-Indonesia yaitu Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo dan 8Commerce ikut bergabung bersama ratusan partisipan e-Commerce lainnya yang diadakan di Indonesia Convention Center (ICE), BSD. Dalam kurun waktu 3 hari, ratusan pengunjung pameran mengunjungi booth 8Commerce, termasuk Bapak Presiden Republik Indonesia, Joko Widodo.  Sungguh suatu kebangaan, dengan didampingi 3 Menteri, Ketua IDEA dan Gubenur Banten, Presiden Jokowi-pun tampak antusias untuk menanyakan detil bisnis yang dimiliki oleh 8Commerce dan perannya untuk memajukan e-Commerce di Indonesia.

Selain itu, booth 8Commerce yang minimalis dan menyediakan kopi secara gratis, menarik banyak pengunjung yang ingin bertanya mengenai partnership dan kesepakatan yang menguntungkan kedua belah pihak.

The importance Of Accuracy For Your E-Commerce Business

IMG_0535Imagine this scenario. Tomorrow is your daughter birthday and a weeks ago, you ordered her gifts online from four different website, and what’s happen next?

  1. One of the gifts arrived fast in just a few days, beutifully packaged, and in great shape.
  2. A second gift arrived same like website A, but was improperly packaged and arrived broken.
  3. The third gift arrived today, but when you opened the box, you didn’t find the item you ordered but something else.
  4. The fourth gift? hmm, online tracking shows that it is still in transit but it is somehow being sent to an address which states i dont event know.

Imagine your daughter disappointment when she has only one present to open.

Which of those four companies will you order from again?

Of course you don’t bother to do repeat order from website A. Gift from website B was improperly packaged and arrived damaged, same with other website C & D, you’re daughter will be sad. Don’t just overlook the importance of accuracy when you see fulfillment. Accuracy doesn’t just mean that your customers receive your items they order, but that they arrive on time and in good shape. In fulfillment, accuracy are substantial when products ship correctly the first time.  If the wrong item is picked during the order fulfillment process, someone needs to pay for the time to re-pick, re-package, and re-ship the order. And, products damaged during shipping due to improper packaging are expensive to replace and shipping companies are not always willing to accept their portion of the responsibility for careful handling of packages, or packages not delivered on time in other words you lost a profit.

Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment can have a meaningful impact on your business’s growth.

A shipping fulfillment service company (also known as third party logistics, or 3pl) is an outside company that stores, packages and ships your products. The way it works is you send your inventory to their warehouse where they store it, and they package it and ship it whenever an order comes through. Typically a fulfillment service can link with your website or marketplace platform so they’re automatically notified when somebody places an order.

Build your online store now with new modern design

By using a fulfillment service company like us, 8Commerce, which developed industry specific e-Commerce fulfillment process, packing and delivery solutions that are integrated with state of the art warehouse and delivery management systems. With a solid professional experience team and integrated system, you can save up to 30% in terms of losses due to inaccurate inventory. Here’s the benefits

  1. Avoid Long-Term Leases

Many logistic companies offer flexible pricing. This means that as you grow or go through slow periods they will be able to adapt to your needs and adjust cost accordingly. Renting your own warehouse space usually requires more of a commitment.

“First, companies don’t have to lock into long-term fixed warehouse leases. Instead, our customers only  pay for the amount of space they used, which saves them money, especially when inventory levels not much during non-peak seasons.”

  1. No Staff Required

When you fulfill and ship your own orders, you’ll likely need to hire staff as you bigger. Managing staff takes time. If your business is still in flux, you may be wary of promising someone a job. Instead, you can outsource the work to a logistics company and let them be responsible for finding and hiring best people.

“Second, companies don’t have to manage warehouse staff and personnel. We manage all of the labor needed for receiving, inventory management, and order processing and shipping.”

  1. Be More Effective

Chances are, you didn’t start a business because you’re really good at packing boxes. When you let someone else take care of logistical details, you can focus on the things that will have a greater impact for your business.

“Third, by using a professional logistics provider, companies have more time to devote to other important business functions. For e-Commerce merchants, this valuable time can be spent on product sourcing, sales, or online marketing activities instead of back-end logistics.”

  1. Save Money

“Although doing it yourself is mostly free, in the long run, hiring a logistics company can save you money as you grow. If they’re operating at a larger scale than you, you can benefit from their efficiencies and leverage their buying power on packaging and shipping costs. “

At The end you will have happy customers, and happy customers make a return customers.

Here at 8Commerce, we like to say that we’re not just picking orders and shipping them out, but that we are creating a happy and satisfaction customers. Customers are happy when they receive the right products, in good shape, and on time. For you, a happy customer means your company have a positive relationships, sells more products, benefits from a better bottom line and make PROFIT. That should make you smile. And yes! with 8Commerce 99% accuracy rate, we think we are creating a lot of smiles. Send your hello to halo@8commerce.com


Written : Ignatius Dwi Indra

Visit Us at Indonesia E-commerce Summit & Expo 2016


8Commerce menjadi salah satu eksibitor di Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo (IESE) yang diadakan oleh Indonesia Asosiasi E-commerce Indonesia (idEA) pada tanggal 27 – 29 April 2016 di Indonesia Convention Center (ICE) yang terletak di BSD, Tangerang.

Apa itu IESE? IESE adalah expo e-Commerce terbesar yang menghadirkan eksibitor – eksibitor         e-Commerce dan digital terbaik, Acara ini didukung oleh Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika, Kementerian Perdagangan, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, serta Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian RI. Tentunya IESE 2016 akan menyajikan Summit & Workshop dengan lebih dari 70 topik, 100 pembicara dari industri digital dan e-commerce.

Jangan lupa untuk datang ke booth 8Commerce yang berada di F9 dan kamu bisa mendapatkan souvenir menarik dan juga report tentang Indonesia e-Commerce 2016!

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S-Commerce in Indonesia : 3 Facts How S-Commerce Could Help Grow Your Business


Social commerce is seeing a rise in Indonesia as the internet penetration and mobile broadband penetration rates increase. While these trends create a wave of opportunities for businesses, they find it challenging to reach out to its target audience at the same time.

Indonesians are also highly connected in the social space. A majority of Indonesian internet users spend most of their time on facebook and instagram, with facebook users climbing to 70 million and Instagram users numbering close to 20 million in 2015. Social sites like facebook and instagram experimentation of new ways to enable business transactions on their platforms, combined with Indonesia’s fixation on social media, makes Indonesia ripe for social commerce growth.

Get more customers with the services we provide

  • Customer shopping behaviour

Women with age between 25-34 will be the main demographic driving e-Commerce, they influence directly and indirectly 75% of the online purchases. Women spend more time online and buy more. Being able to offer them inspiration and the products they are looking for will be key to win the market.

Make Sales through Indonesian Social Media

Indonesian users aren’t on social networks only to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. They use the same channels to sell goods. According to a 2014 report by Singaporean logistics firm SingPost, nearly 27 percent of all e-Commerce sales happen through social media.

And really, why not? There’s no simpler way to sell a product than to post a photo on your existing channels and name the price. For small-scale sellers with an immediate connection to their customers this model might be just right.

Facebook, Three in four Indonesians using the Internet are also using Facebook. (That number is even higher as a percentage of total social media users in Indonesia – 94%). This is one of the highest Facebook penetration rates in Southeast Asia and ranks Indonesia (with 78 million Facebook users) fourth in global Facebook users by country.

eMarketer predicts there will be more than 100 million Facebook users in Indonesia by 2019.


Instagram, is growing in popularity in Indonesia and currently ranks second most popular social network behind Facebook for young people, according to January research from eMarketer.

Citing a survey from mobile research firm JakPut, it found 87.5% of mobile Internet users aged 16 to 35 used Facebook in the past week. This was followed by Instagram at 69.2% and Twitter at 41.3%.

The highest demographic to use Instagram was the 20 to 25 age group at 73.8%. What’s interesting, is how they use the platform. According to the report, top pastimes on Instagram include exploring online shopping accounts, checking funny or joke accounts and posting travel photos.

Twitter,  comes in third as most popular social media platform in Indonesia, with close to 17 million users.  In recognition of the importance of this market, Twitter opened an office in Jakarta in March 2015. It launched self-serve ads a month later – specifically targeting the country’s millions of small to medium businesses.

The social media platform has also been credited for its role in the Indonesian presidential elections in 2014.

Denny JA, the founder of Indonesian Survey Circle, had 2014’s second most retweeted tweet when he posted in favor of Joko Widodo’s presidential bid. Here’s the tweet:

  • Most common reasons to purchase online

Easy of browsing is the most common reason to purchase online, as well as cheaper prices when buying software / hardware, gadgets and luggage.

In the end brands need to keep their ears to the ground as the Indonesian market continues to evolve with constantly changing technologies and consumer shopping habits. If the numbers are any indication of what is to come, Indonesia will continue to grow and making social commerce one of the major entry points for e-Commerce success in Indonesia. If you dont have any idea how to start. we as a e-Commerce solution can help you to build and solve the problem. You can contact or email us anytime at halo@8commerce.com


written by Ignatius Dwi Indra