The importance Of Accuracy For Your E-Commerce Business

Imagine this scenario. Tomorrow is your daughter birthday and a weeks ago, you ordered her gifts online from four different website, and what’s happen next?

  1. One of the gifts arrived fast in just a few days, beutifully packaged, and in great shape.
  2. A second gift arrived same like website A, but was improperly packaged and arrived broken.
  3. The third gift arrived today, but when you opened the box, you didn’t find the item you ordered but something else.
  4. The fourth gift? hmm, online tracking shows that it is still in transit but it is somehow being sent to an address which states i dont event know.

Imagine your daughter disappointment when she has only one present to open.

Which of those four companies will you order from again?

Of course you don’t bother to do repeat order from website A. Gift from website B was improperly packaged and arrived damaged, same with other website C & D, you’re daughter will be sad. Don’t just overlook the importance of accuracy when you see fulfillment. Accuracy doesn’t just mean that your customers receive your items they order, but that they arrive on time and in good shape. In fulfillment, accuracy are substantial when products ship correctly the first time.  If the wrong item is picked during the order fulfillment process, someone needs to pay for the time to re-pick, re-package, and re-ship the order. And, products damaged during shipping due to improper packaging are expensive to replace and shipping companies are not always willing to accept their portion of the responsibility for careful handling of packages, or packages not delivered on time in other words you lost a profit.

Outsourcing warehousing and fulfillment can have a meaningful impact on your business’s growth.

A shipping fulfillment service company (also known as third party logistics, or 3pl) is an outside company that stores, packages and ships your products. The way it works is you send your inventory to their warehouse where they store it, and they package it and ship it whenever an order comes through. Typically a fulfillment service can link with your website or marketplace platform so they’re automatically notified when somebody places an order.

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By using a fulfillment service company like us, 8Commerce, which developed industry specific e-Commerce fulfillment process, packing and delivery solutions that are integrated with state of the art warehouse and delivery management systems. With a solid professional experience team and integrated system, you can save up to 30% in terms of losses due to inaccurate inventory. Here’s the benefits

  1. Avoid Long-Term Leases

Many logistic companies offer flexible pricing. This means that as you grow or go through slow periods they will be able to adapt to your needs and adjust cost accordingly. Renting your own warehouse space usually requires more of a commitment.

“First, companies don’t have to lock into long-term fixed warehouse leases. Instead, our customers only  pay for the amount of space they used, which saves them money, especially when inventory levels not much during non-peak seasons.”

  1. No Staff Required

When you fulfill and ship your own orders, you’ll likely need to hire staff as you bigger. Managing staff takes time. If your business is still in flux, you may be wary of promising someone a job. Instead, you can outsource the work to a logistics company and let them be responsible for finding and hiring best people.

“Second, companies don’t have to manage warehouse staff and personnel. We manage all of the labor needed for receiving, inventory management, and order processing and shipping.”

  1. Be More Effective

Chances are, you didn’t start a business because you’re really good at packing boxes. When you let someone else take care of logistical details, you can focus on the things that will have a greater impact for your business.

“Third, by using a professional logistics provider, companies have more time to devote to other important business functions. For e-Commerce merchants, this valuable time can be spent on product sourcing, sales, or online marketing activities instead of back-end logistics.”

  1. Save Money

“Although doing it yourself is mostly free, in the long run, hiring a logistics company can save you money as you grow. If they’re operating at a larger scale than you, you can benefit from their efficiencies and leverage their buying power on packaging and shipping costs. “

At The end you will have happy customers, and happy customers make a return customers.

Here at 8Commerce, we like to say that we’re not just picking orders and shipping them out, but that we are creating a happy and satisfaction customers. Customers are happy when they receive the right products, in good shape, and on time. For you, a happy customer means your company have a positive relationships, sells more products, benefits from a better bottom line and make PROFIT. That should make you smile. And yes! with 8Commerce 99% accuracy rate, we think we are creating a lot of smiles. Send your hello to


Written : Ignatius Dwi Indra

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