9 Ways To Have Less Cost in Online Advertising

There are many ways to engage customers via online marketing. But only few of them succeed attracting viewers visit their website and then just simply become customers or just voluntary share to their networking. In the order side, there’s not too little budget allocation spend for online marketing. And it became dilemma since online marketing is quite new than traditional one which makes decision makers tend to choose traditional due to it’s used to be habit spend.

Anyway, we are not talking about how much you spend for online marketing to reach your goal, but more to maximize your creativity and strategic way to lighten up the way winning customer’s attention so you can manage online ads budget more efficient in 2016.

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1. Try to Make Insightful or Meaningful Videos!

It is video era! All of your customers need more entertainment. And entertainment mostly comes from videos, so everyone no need to think and focus. Just simply view or listen, and when your video is so creative that makes them laugh, cry, or touched, they will remember you to the last of their life, or even they will share to their friends. So, make creative content video now on your own or hire an video maker outsource, and you don’t need much ads budget to go viral.

2. Focus to Visualize Your Product More

According to a study by visual commerce platform in USA, there is the fact that strong visuals are prerequisite to driving meaningful engagement online. Some pictures with unique lay out and title, will remain longer than 5 to 10 paragraphs with tons of words explaining your product. Infographic and Meme are familiar models for this.

3. The Mobile Era and Group Chat is Now!

Wearesocial claimed there are 66 million Indonesian people use mobile phone and actively consuming internet via their phones, in 2015. So, this means we can emphasize our ads effort not too narrow to desktop viewing only, but also focus on mobile viewing. And it’s not only shared by facebook or twitter or other social media platforms, but also chatting platforms that connect us to group of people that potentially interest to our product/services.

4. Insightful Content in Article or Presentation

For B2B business, which requires more data and details for their customer, still need to be creative to present what most useful for customer. Forget about hard selling method, because you can only attract your customer attention if you manage your way in what type of content, how and when. I recommend you don’t stop building your data, because this is how you can create an insightful content in good writing article or presentation. Play pictures and videos on those things (you can simply apply embed code) so you can increase engagement among readers. Don’t forget to play with hyperlinks and mention your name and your company as source. For creating insightful content, you can hire outsource that can publish killer content marketing for your brand.


5. Using the Celebrities

In certain thought, using celebrities or other social influencers is needed for promoting brands or products. It’s been believed that go through one influencer that has clear followers is simpler and less efficient than go massively to established online media with large audience.

6. Collaboration

You cannot work all alone. You need same level brand or media or set of skilled outsource people to promote your brand or product. For instance, to make well search on organic, you need established trusted media to publish your product. You need set of blogger to do the viral of your product campaign. Or you need bank as same level brand partner to do strategic cross promotion so your ads budget will go more efficient.

7. Dynamic Remarketing

We don’t want burn money away without any winning impact for the campaign. That’s why knowing customers who is interested more to our brands or those who just bounce out for second is most matter to have right online advertisement. With dynamic remarketing we can maximize as well as effective target to display set of offering only to those who interest to our brand/products. For dynamic remarketing there are tens of reliable platform that has high sales conversion.

8. Use CRM Platform for Sales Acquisition

There has historically been a pretty clear top-of-funnel line drawn between marketing and sales efforts, but new tools and new ways of thinking mean that marketing teams are now generating customized emails for clients via a CRM instead of mass newsletter tools. A data-driven approach to optimization will encourage marketers to work their magic throughout the entire sales funnel. Emphasizing sales enablement activities in 2016 will bring marketing efficiency to complex sales cycles and ensure that sales teams are prepped with customer data.

9. Relationship Marketing

Don’t sweat with old customer, since they have power to influence others telling out about your products. Relationship marketing is what most important now, especially in internet era, to get along well with your customer and future customers. So my advice, better you give them more when they start to feel uncomfortable with your brand, so they can virally tell your brand in better way rather than attacking your brand in unpleasant words.

Written by: Afril Wibisono

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