8Commerce Appointed by Eragano to Grow their E-commerce Business

14 March 2016

Jakarta – At 8Commerce office, Eragano (fresh products and raw material; eragano.com) officially appointed 8Commerce as a strategic partner in growing their e-commerce business.

Eragano is a business company focusing on end-to-end (E2E) farming solution for small holder-farmers. Eragano focuses on how to increase farms productivity and profitability with flexible solution of farm supply and market access for farmer’s harvest. Supported with crop insurance, micro finance and automated farm schedule, 8Commerce takes care Eragano’s last mile delivery to end customers.

In many years Eragano is facing the challenges of “how to deal with the last mile delivery” which is the most crucial stages for customer when finally receives their order. And it is generally the most expensive, least efficient, and most problematic part of the overall delivery process for e-commerce business. As a scalable end to end e-commerce solution, Eragano appoints 8Commerce to take care this moment of truth stage, by providing solid professional experience team and integrated delivery system.

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