Reaching More Customers by E-Commerce with Solid Multi Fulfillments

The massive infrastructure development in Java has been the key hub attracting all investments and business come to Java, and make it as central of the emerging market. At the same time, this creates economy discrepancy among Java and non-Java, which also impacts to local emerging market growth. Most time this condition reflects higher demands of certain products from non-Java people and the demands cannot fulfilled because of a very limited market and resources in outer Java.

In the other hand, surprisingly as released report from CSLA (2015), there are 66% non Java online shoppers expend more US$20 than Java shoppers. This condition may be a reflection of lack stores in outer Java in terms of slow development in infrastructure which creating retailer’s mindset of low market low demands, and huge investment.  In the other side, there are raising demands of local people in several products that not fulfilled by local market which is very limited. So when online business becomes hype, every local people see it as a wide door to get whatever they want and they love to online shop more than Java people.

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This fact means opportunity and challenges for retailers to expand your business. Bring your offline store to online so you can reach more customers in outer Java.   In terms of e-commerce supply chain, there are huge challenges to make your customer happy.  You build your own, or you do partnership with 3rd party of e-commerce logistics and fulfillment.

As building your own e-commerce fulfillment needs time and big investment, engaging with business partnership with e-commerce logistics player is a wise action.  As Indonesia is an archipelago country, to make your presence and operation more efficient, the needs of fulfillment centers across the islands and cities absolutely are priority to be fulfilled.

As scalable e-commerce enabler and solutions for Indonesia, 8Commerce provides 7 spots e-commerce fulfillment center and last mile delivery services throughout Indonesia. Supported by sister company Linc Logistics, we ensure efficient cost and time while you need to scale up your business coverage especially in fulfillment related operations for business-to-consumer, with each are equipped by Infor for warehouse management system, order processing, pick and pack through to after sales support, including returns management. For fleets, 8Commerce has more less 700 total fleets (internal and external) to reach your end customers throughout Indonesia.


7 multi fulfillments of 8commerce:

Greater Jakarta area 60k sqm

Bandung                   1k sqm

Semarang                   4k sqm

Surabaya                 20k sqm

Medan                    5k sqm

Palembang            1.44k sqm

Pontianak               1.38k sqm

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written by Afril Wibisono

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